Aptana : Enable Text Wrap

This article will not make much sense to anyone unless they are Aptana users. If you are ... read on.

Aptana is fairly new to me as a web development tool (I've quite used to Dreamweaver - which is both a good and a bad thing). Aside from Aptana being a free and open source web development tool, it has a vast number of development plugins and a fairly easy to use interface. There are some things about it I like (such as it's excellent code coloring techniques and PHP development support - PHP is a newer language to me, so it is helping with pointing out mistakes early in my coding process as to not snowball an issue down the road).

There is, however, one MAIN issue I had with Aptana from when I first go it. It does not come with a standard Aptana text wrap function set to "ON". For some reason, it is OFF. Were it not for a co-worker of mine, I would have had trouble finding the solution to the text-wrap issue in Aptana, but he pointed out how easy it is to fix.

I hope this helps with anyone that came across the same issue as I did …

Aptana | Enable Text Wrap