Comic Sans gets a makeover. Meet: Comic Neue

Who would've thought that Comic Sans would make an attempt to remove itself from the 'worst font in history' monicer.

Enter: Comic Neue.

It doesn't look half bad, for sure, but …

There are thousands upon thousands of fonts out there these days. If this 'Comic Neue' font had been released without the explicit relationship to being the 'Upgraded Comic Sans Font', would anyone have noticed? I mean, I see the similarities between Comic Sans and Comic Neue, but it doesn't mean it's the same font. The original font is famous for it's curviture and absolutely annoying, amateurish appearance. To be considered a modified Comic Sans, should a font also be annoying and look amateurish? Comic Neue certainly does not.

Don't get me wrong, I applaud Craig Royznski for putting this together. I've downloaded my copy and maybe someday I'll use it on a project.

I'm sure I don't know enought about the font creation industry, so my opinion could very well be unfounded.