Young Broadcasters



Young Broadcasters of America has been a very large part of my life for the past year+.  I was fortunate enough to have landed an internship with YBA while I was wrapping up my schooling in early 2009.

When I first started with YBA, I was asked to re-build the website in March '09.  As the company grew, I built site version 2 in May '09.  Currently the site, on version 3, is based off of the Wordpress CMS.  We got some guidance on how to use Wordpress from an outside firm but, for the most part, the site has been maintained 100% by me.  Populating all of the information to the new site took some time, but has certainly helped in the development of YBA's online presence, something of which I am very proud to be a part of.

On top of my work as a web producer for YBA, I also create graphics for the web TV shows that YBA produces.  I also direct the show, and have gained some valuable skills within the streaming video industry while becoming well versed on NewTek's Tricaster as a director of YBA's shows.




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